Information and Communication Technology - Level III

Course Objectives

The Objectives of the course is to enable trainees to become more effective in the Information and Communication Technology field.

Entry Requirements

  • Trainees should have attended ICT level II Course in any training center recognized by VETA, with the pass of a minimum of C in each attended subjects.
  • Trainees should be a holder of ICT Level II Certificate
  • Trainee should pass qualifying exams to be conducted before commencement of the course.

Course Module

Module - Maintaining Website
  • Website Design Layouts
  • Creating Web Pages
  • Uploading Contents
  • Maintaining Website and Web Hosting Server
Module - Designing Graphics
  • Scetching Graphics
  • Work with Graphics
  • Colour Mixing
Module - Managing Internet Services
  • Searching Information
  • Transferring Files
  • Using E-mail
Module - Basic Programming
  • Perform Simple Database Application Programs
  • Create Simple Programs

Course Duration

The duration of the course in one year. It begins on January of each year.

Mode of Training

Training is conducted with both theory and practical - concurrently.

Training/Contact Hours

Six(6) hours in a day for five(5) days per week

Course Outcomes

After the course, a trainee will be able to
  1. Prepare different documentations
  2. Maintain Microcomputers
  3. Maintain Software
  4. Maintain Network hardware
  5. Develop Websites
  6. Develop different graphics
  7. Perform Preventive Maintenance
  8. Create simple database application programs

Expected Career