Industrial Electrical Installation courses

Blasius was working with one of the company involved in construction of New Julius Nyerere international airport as electrician. He had only previous working experience with other construction companies in the past with no any technical certificate. Unfortunately 2018 his company decided to fire all workers who has not certification, Blasius was one of the victim. With frustration he luckily comes across news on TV about VSOMO program- during graduation ceremony for VSOMO students. The next day he visited VETA Kipawa Center to verify and learn more about VSOMO, he then made his mind to join industrial electrical installation course to get new skills and the certificate. The same day Blasius went back to his former employer to us for one month extension of his employment so that he can go through the program and get the required certificate. With the assurance letter from VETA Kipawa Principal Eng. Mkasanga, the HR department of the company granted him the extension. He attended the training within a month and successful certified for industrial installation course. At the company he was received and due to his new skills acquired from the program he was promoted to lead the section with other electricians under his jurisdiction. He was also able to recommend another VSOMO Student named Daniel Mkongwa to get employment at opportunity at the company. Blasius and Daniel met during practical session at VETA Kipawa. Despite the re-employment and promotion Blasius managed to increase his income and support his fellow to secure employment.