Mobile Phone Technician Course

He studied Mobile Phone Technician course; he is experienced mobile phone repair located at Tabata Segerea stand for more than 3 years. He got his initial skills from other working partners, then joined his brother’s office and starts his own mobile phone business in the same office. He joined VSOMO program just to get certificate that will help him to secure working license from TCRA. He later realized that the program is more affordable and flexible compared to the same from other institute. He also admits to learn new skills and technics from the program that makes his working more efficient and effective. He also learn to use new sophisticated tools and equipment used in mobile repair like display remover tool. The knowledge helped him to gain more confidence in his work, also helped to increase his income as now he can solve more customer problems than ever before. He is looking forward to join intermediate and advanced level courses for mobile phone repair for him to secure License from TCRA.