Principal’s Word

We target graduates from VET colleges, secondary schools and General public, in the near future we will start offering VOCATIONAL TRAINING for University Graduates in the line of our carriers. We have a clear intention to not only train but to also come up with answers to most of problems facing our nation. Many projects are underway but to mention few we have started working out solution to reduce if not to solve power problems, design and invent training gears and facilities, move IT skills closer and to many citizens especially students in schools etc. We clearly understand there is a lot of talents and skills out there in our line of courses who didn’t undergo formal education, we are also engaged in bringing them together, align and formalize their skills for better and fruitful performance. I am sure the visit you made on this website will leave you informed for your benefits and whoever is closer to you. VETA is the house of skills and talents; we welcome you, welcome all to build our NATION

Dickson Mkasanga