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Programmable Logic Controller Course

Programmable Logic Controller

COURSE COMPETENCES Installing Electric Machine. Installing Electronics Starter. COURSE CONTENT Installing Electric Machine. Installing Electronics Starter. Introduction to Programmable logic controller (PLC). Install relay ladder Logic. Central processing Unit. Input/output system. Programming and Peripheral Devices. Programming Concepts. Application of PLC. Troubleshooting and Maintenance. MODEL OF EVALUATION OF PERFORMANCE In implementing…
Electronics Level I

Electrical Installation Beginner

COURSE COMPETENCES Maintaining safety of workplace, tools, equipment and Environment. Building simple Electrical Circuits. Drafting and Testing various wiring circuits. Building simple Electronics circuits. COURSE CONTENT Occupation Information. Occupation Health and Safety. Electrical symbols. Electrical Tools. Nature of Electricity. Source of Electricity. Electrical cables. Electrical conductor, Insulator and Semiconductors. Electrical…
Electrical Level II

Electrical Installation Intermediate

COMPETENCIES OF THE COURSE Installing cable enclosure Installing Switchgears and Protective devices Performing Maintenance of Electrical Machines COURSE CONTENT Sequence control. Change Over Switch. Illumination. AC Concepts. DC/AC Motors. Motor Starters. Three phase Transformer. AC/DC Generator. Measuring and Tariff. Measuring Instruments. Battery services and Maintenance. MODEL OF EVALUATION OF PERFORMANCE…
Advanced Electronics SHort Course Students Fixing an I.C Circuit

Electrical Installation Advanced

COURSE COMPETENCES Install Electrical Machines. Managing safe work environment. Managing preventive Maintenance of Tools, Equipment’s and Machines. Writing Technical Report. Managing Resources. COURSE CONTENT Management Skill. Report Writing. AC Theory. Wiring System. Three phase AC Machines. Three phase Machine Control. DC Machines. Three phase Transformer. Stand by Power. Sensors and…